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   A marker of where we are laid to rest can mean so much to our families. It’s a place to visit, to reflect on fond memories, or a place to pray. Some may think of a traditional grave marker as the only option but at Heritage Gardens we offer a variety of options that honour your life and are environmentally friendly. Your final resting place can now be within the roots of a tree that is planted especially for you and your loved ones. These are called Memorial Trees and they can be found in our Willow Garden. 

   This garden is located near the heart of our cemetery and has lots of room to grow. You can choose from trees, plants, or flowers for your final resting place. Some families like to choose their loved one’s favourite flower and have their cremated remains and a bronze marker placed in that garden. Our family will nurture and tend to that garden all year long, honouring your family members and ensuring that their specially chosen plant will thrive with each season. This specially chosen plant can also be memorialized with a bronze marker if the family prefers. This marker will share the loved one’s name, the record of their life, and an epitaph of your choosing. 

   Let us know what type of plant or tree you prefer and our gardeners will make recommendations of where on the grounds that plant will thrive. Some of the memorial plants that have been planted already include roses, azaleas, lilacs, daylilies, peonies, lavender, hibiscus, and a dogwood tree. If you prefer a larger tree or a different type of plant we will work with you to find a unique location in the gardens where your plant will flourish.

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   Many families love the symbolism of new life that is present from growing a tree memorial. It is something tangible that they can visibly see, touch, care for, and watch grow. It is something that current and future generations can all enjoy. A tree provides a substantial amount of benefits to the environment and for mankind. It takes in harmful emissions and provides oxygen. In addition, a tree can serve as food and a habitat for wildlife, help prevent erosion, help clean the groundwater, serve as a windbreak, and provide shade and shelter. Trees also beautify the surroundings and make the world a much more enjoyable place for current and future generations.

   For more information about Memorial Trees and our unique burial options, please Contact Us and we will be happy to help. 


Heritage Gardens is a sustainable cemetery located in Surrey, BC. We are a family-run business with four generations of experience in caring for your loved ones. Our Surrey cemetery offers green burial, traditional burial, memorial trees, beehive memorials, cremation, and we will work with you and your family to honour your unique end of life wishes. The Crean family has been in the funeral and cemetery business for over 80 years and we are dedicated to providing family-friendly service to the Surrey area and invite families from all over British Columbia to explore or green burial and memorial service options. Thank you for visiting Heritage Gardens and we are always here to help.