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Vancouver Magazine | A New Approach to an Old Custom | March 25, 2021

The bees are buzzing, flowers are blooming and Stan the caretaker putters in his garden, creating a warm backdrop for loved ones’ final resting places. “Sustainability depends on each of us contributing our unique skills to a bigger picture,” says Trevor Crean, owner and general manager of Heritage Gardens. “We have proven that even a cemetery can be eco-friendly, socially minded and make a positive impact on the community.” …

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Past Event | Halloween at Heritage | October 31, 2020
Last Halloween we hosted a “Hogwarts at Halloween” themed event for young children. Activities included Wand-making at Olivanders, Potions Class with Professor Snape, Quidditch practice with Madam Hooch, and a Golden Snitch hunt in “The Forbidden Forest.” Refreshments sponsored by The Wooden Spoon Co. This all-outdoors, socially-distant event provided a safe way for young  families to enjoy the fun of Halloween while adhering to all COVID-19 safety protocols. See our poster for details and a full list of our generous sponsors.

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CTV News | Are condo style burials the way of the future? | July 18, 2019
If you live in Metro Vancouver, you know that finding affordable space is difficult, not just for the living but also for the dead. As real estate developers look to recycle and maximize space, some cemeteries are trying to do the same thing.
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Eco-Friendly Burials in South Surrey | June 7, 2019
Those looking for a modern death-care option can choose a green funeral.
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South Surrey Cemetery Earns Green Burial Status | June 6, 2019
The latest buzz at Surrey’s newest cemetery is its green certification – and, thousands of honeybees. Heritage Gardens’ Trevor Crean said the distinction by the Green Burial Society of Canada was achieved in early May, and is a first in Metro Vancouver.
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New cemetery could be ‘time capsule’ of community, owner says | October 24, 2018
Trevor Crean remembers that “nothing felt right” when it came to finding his grandfather Jack Turner’s final resting place, after the 85-year-old lost his battle with cancer. Fast-forward five years, and Crean’s family has found a place that they can’t help but feel is perfect for their patriarch – Heritage Gardens.
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