Our focus is on protecting family legacy.  Each burial plot at Heritage Gardens Cemetery can accomodate up to two caskets and eight urns.

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One or Two Burial Caskets

Because of our commitment to maximum value, we offer you the choice of whether you wish to have one or two caskets buried in your lot, at no additional cost. If you choose one, we prepare the lot to be six feet deep. If you choose to bury two caskets in the lot, we will prepare the grave deeper. The first casket is laid at the bottom, or about 8.5 feet deep. When the time comes the second casket is placed above it at six feet deep.

A burial vault, such as a fiber glass or concrete liner, is not required at our cemetery. If you or your executor decides you’d like one, they are readily available. Depending on which section of the cemetery you purchase in, our bylaws will allow either a flat marker or an upright marker. We will show you a map and explain your different options when we meet with you.

8 Urns

We offer a variety of in ground or columbaria cremation options. Your main consideration should be how many people are you preparing for?

We have single, in-ground cremation niches for 1 urn; or we have whole plots that can accommodate up to 8. Columbarium spaces will typically hold 2 sets of cremated remains in above-ground niches. If you have multiple family members desiring cremation, and wish to secure space for everyone, our best recommendation is to purchase a full (casket) burial plot. Whether you choose to use the casket spaces or not, you’re keeping the option open while securing space for up to 8 cremated remains.

For any of our urn spaces, it must be said that the reason we say ‘up to’ is that while you are under no pressure to use all of the spaces, the urns must all fit. If they’re oversized or they are a unique design, we cannot guarantee that 8 will fit. The best way to know for sure is to call us or have your funeral director contact us before you purchase the urn.

Headstones or marker options can be discussed at the time we meet with you.

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