Environmentally Friendly, Natural Green Burial Options

The Green Burial Garden at Heritage Gardens is located in the South East region of the grounds—where deer often graze and the Little Campbell River can be heard flowing by. The area is home to our very own pollinator meadow, where tall grasses, wildflowers, and other native flowering plants provide a welcome source of food —and work— for two resident bee hives.

In an effort to protect the landscape, plots in the Green Burial Garden are assigned after a death has occurred, not at the time of purchase. By disturbing only one small part of the Garden at a time, we allow the majority of the area to retain its natural character. We encourage you to reserve space in advance, as there are a limited number of plots available.

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What is Green Burial?

Green burial is a gentle way to return to the earth with as little impact on the environment as possible. The term ‘green burial’ is often used interchangeably with ‘natural burial;’ the concept is essentially the same, however, green burial specifically adheres to a set of five principles, defined by the Green Burial Society of Canada. The main focus of these principles is to minimize the amount of resources, land, and energy consumed by funeral and cemetery arrangements.

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Embalming is not permitted; the body is instead wrapped in a simple shroud and placed in a container or casket made from sustainable and biodegradable materials. The shroud or casket is then placed directly into the earth, without any liner or vault, allowing the remains to return to the earth at a natural pace.

Unlike conventional lawn cemeteries, green burial grounds reflect the natural landscape, and as such, remain a healthy part of the eco-system. Heritage Gardens is an approved green burial provider, certified by the Green Burial Society of Canada.

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Learn about the benefits of green burial:

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There are a number of misconceptions about green burial. For instance, as the concept gains popularity, many believe green burial is a new concept, part of the growing trend towards eco-friendly living. In truth, green burial is simply the return to funeral practices thousands of years old, and still practiced by many cultures and faith groups around the world today.

The following organizations aim to promote green burial through education and awareness:

The Green Burial Society of Canada

The Green Burial Society is the leading Canadian organization setting the standard for green burial and environmentally sustainable death-care practices in Canada.

The Green Burial Council

Based in the United States, the Green Burial Council’s mission is “to inspire and advocate for environmentally sustainable, natural death care through education and certification.”

The Natural Death Centre

The Natural Death Centre, a UK-based non-profit pioneered the renaissance of green burial in the 1990’s. While most of their resources are tailored for the UK, their newsletter, More to Death contains interesting and enlightening articles on green burial and other topics to do with end of life and bereavement.