Memorial Trees

What is a Memorial Tree?

As the title indicates, a memorial tree is planted in memory of a loved one. At Heritage Gardens, we have two areas allocated for such trees. Depending on the area, cremated remains may be buried in a bio-degradable vessel, or scattered and mixed in with the soil. We also have areas where a magnolia tree may be planted after a green burial.

Depending on the garden and your preference, the place may be also be acknowledged with a bronze or stone marker.

Trees are symbolic of the cyclical nature of life. As the seasons change, so do our relationships with those we love. There is no change more personal than the loss of a loved one; it marks the end of their earthly journey, and your new relationship with the memory of them. Planting a tree is a beautiful and lasting way to establish significance of a life lived, and to acknowledge the impact of someone on your life.


Introducing Juniper Taylor Memorial Trees

We are taking reservations for a limited number Juniper Taylor trees for the interment of cremated remains. These will accommodate an upright or pillow marker, with 1-4 cremation interments. Trees will be planted spring and fall, only 10 trees available at this time. Contact us for more info!