Memorial Trees

Honour Your Loved One with a Memorial Tree

Trees are symbolic of the cyclical nature of life. As the seasons change, so do our relationships with those we love. There is no change more personal than the loss of a loved one; it marks the end of their earthly journey, and the beginning of your relationship with their memory. Planting a tree for them is a beautiful way to reflect the significance of their values, or to acknowledge their impact on your life.

How it Works

At Heritage Gardens we have two gardens allocated for memorial trees and tree burials. Cremated remains may be buried in a bio-degradable vessel, or scattered and mixed into the soil. Depending on your preference, the place may be acknowledged with a memorial tree or plant, type and species of which vary.

Basalt columns throughout the grounds will pay lasting tribute to those laid to rest in our gardens & green burial areas. Alternatively, families are welcome to purchase a marker to be placed in front of their memorial plant or tree. The right of interment for the garden costs $650 for scattering or $900 for an urn burial. Trees range in cost depending on size and species. Plants typically range from $55-$85.

In additional to the Right of Interment and tree cost are the memorial plaque and preparation & placement services.

Please download our Tree Burial Price List for complete costs and more details.

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