How do I plan a green burial? - Heritage Gardens Cemetery

As our world becomes more and more focused on sustainability, it takes deliberate choices to ensure that we are all focused on a greener future. Often, it only takes simple adjustments and thoughtful changes to ensure that we are focused on improving the environment now and for future generations. Choosing a green, environmentally-friendly burial is no different – all it takes is a conscious effort to make the same plans as traditional burial and opting for a sustainable path. 

Planning a green burial is not much different than planning a traditional burial. The process is essentially the same, only focused on going beyond the older established approaches. You will have to make the same decisions as in traditional burial, such as whether you want to be cremated or buried. While, on the surface, these options are not much different than what you are used to, there are now options for burial and cremation that avoid the more wasteful and environmentally harmful aspects of traditional urns and caskets. Here’s a video of green casket options. If you choose to be cremated, you can take the green option of a biodegradable urn. If you would like to be buried in a plot, there are environmentally-friendly caskets that accelerate decomposition and help get the remains back to the earth quicker.

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An additional option with green burial is the option of being buried in a shroud designed for environmental burial. Some people opt to be buried in only the shroud but you can also decide to have a board support the shroud to aid in the funeral proceedings and transportation of the remains. Either of these choices will result in a more sustainable approach to burial. 

There are different options for where to proceed with your eco-friendly burial. Certain places will accommodate recomposition, a process of decomposing the remains that takes place in a facility, similar to a warehouse. Green burial takes place in a cemetery that has been legally approved with appropriate zoning and drainage for decomposition in the ground, such as Heritage Gardens. Our grounds are inherently eco-friendly with the added bonus of contributing directly to our local ecosystem with our varied plant life and ever-growing beehives. 

When planning for your green burial, you can also ask your loved ones to plan a carpool and eco-friendly modes of transport for attending the service. This is one more way that your environmental values can be carried on after you pass. 

One final benefit is the lower cost of a green burial. This will be a difficult time for your loved ones and reducing the costs of your funeral and burial will help alleviate some of the stress for your family. Green burial options cost significantly less than traditional approaches, making the decision for a sustainable choice that much easier. 

Heritage Gardens is a sustainable cemetery located in Surrey, BC. We are a family-run business with four generations of experience in caring for your loved ones. Our Surrey cemetery offers green burial, traditional burial, memorial treesbeehive memorialscremation, and we will work with you and your family to honour your unique end of life wishes. The Crean family has been in the funeral and cemetery business for over 80 years and we are dedicated to providing family-friendly service to the Surrey area and invite families from all over British Columbia to explore or green burial and memorial service options. Thank you for visiting Heritage Gardens and we are always here to help.