Our Team

Heritage Gardens is a family affair, brought about by father and son founders, Tom and Trevor Crean. Trevor’s mother does bookkeeping, his brother maintains the grounds, and his sister does design and social media. The Creans’ business partners are another father and son duo, Francis and Andrew Wong. Family Services are managed by Debbie Sproule.

Trevor Crean

Sean Crean

Debbie Sproule
Family Services

Eric Hirschfeld
Head Groundskeeper

Andrew Wong
Marketing Director

A New Take On an Old Tradition

Our family has served Metro Vancouver in funeral services for over 110 years. Across different cultures, beliefs and backgrounds, many families expressed the same frustration or dismay at the high cost of burial or the lack of environmentally friendly options.

With no solutions apparent, and the market only becoming more difficult, we  decided to take on the challenge of rezoning, developing and operating a cemetery. After selling our half of the funeral business to our cousins, and spending the last 5 years securing licenses and approvals, we opened Heritage Gardens.

We are Canada’s first Sustainable Cemetery.

Our Mission

Heritage Gardens was created to provide families—and communities— with affordable, sustainable, eco-friendly burial space. Our commitment is to serving the bereaved with dignity and compassion; preserving the natural beauty and integrity of the land; and producing outstanding memorials that capture the essence of the life lived.

Sustainability comes in many forms. In addition to offering the only certified Green Burial in Metro Vancouver, to us, it means growing and donating food on unused property. It means giving away honey from our beehives to the families who have lost a loved one. It means standing with the Memorial Society and the Partners in Care Alliance, to enforce an ethical code of conduct when dealing with grieving families. To be sustainable, it must be affordable- which is why our prices are less than half of other Metro cemeteries. We are here to help people navigate one of the toughest times in their lives. Talk to us today if we can help you.

Kearney Funeral Directors c. 1910

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Founders Tom & Trevor Crean

From Our Families