Choices for Your Unique Wishes

As we grow into this beautiful landscape, our goal is to provide options that combine traditional or natural burial with environmental stewardship. We do not require the use of concrete vaults, meaning those who prefer a more natural return to the earth can rest easy. A Right of Interment for our burial plots can be purchased in advance or at the time of need.

The prices on our guide indicate single or double depth, in a flat or upright marker row.  The rows are organized by marker type to allow us access to the plots for maintenance and to keep an organized appearance to the lawns. Burials in any area of the cemetery may be green and natural, however, interment in the Green Burial Garden means a set of criteria must be followed. We are here to help you decide on the arrangements best suited to you and your family.

Please note, cemetery goods and services are subject to GST. All of our Right of Interment and Marker prices include a contribution to a Perpetual Care Fund that provides for the care and maintenance of your plot and the cemetery grounds in perpetuity.

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Our burial plots allow for:

  • Direct earth burial or traditional vault burial (additional cost).*
  • The option to use a casket or biodegradable shroud to enclose the body (please note that these and other service¬†arrangements are made with a funeral home).

* Subject to dimensional requirements (lot sizes vary by Garden)

Right of Interment Options

Double-depth Plots

Can have a flat, pillow or upright marker depending on the row they are in.

Allow for the interments of two people and the cremated remains of 2 persons. If you need more cremation space, let us know- we will help you.

Interment Services

We are available for interments Monday – Saturday, 9:30am to 2:30pm.

We understand that a death may happen at any time, and that it can be difficult to coordinate a schedule. We will make every effort to accommodate you, but we request minimum 2 business days notice for a full burial, 3 days notice if it is at the weekend.

Interment services may be arranged outside of these times for an additional fee and subject to cemetery availability.

Preparation & Placement:

At the time of use, there is a preparation and placement fee. This is the cost for us to prepare the grave for the day of the interment. Costs depend on whether it is a full burial or a cremation interment, and include the use of chairs and a canopy in the event of inclement weather.

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We can provide you with helpful information based on your individual needs.