Memorial Trees & Beehives

Our 2022 Beehive Season is in Full Swing

This year marks our third year since introducing the Memorial Beehives and we’re pleased that interest has grown! This year we offered two levels of sponsorship; both include a guaranteed amount of honey and personalized honey labels.

Registration is now closed. Please email us to reserve your hive for next Spring!


All Are Welcome to Participate

A common question we get is about the cemetery aspect- Folks do not need to have a loved one laid to rest in our cemetery to be a Beehive Sponsor. Everyone is welcome, and the memorial plaque can be placed here or brought home for your own garden.

Memorial Beehive Honey Label

Sample of Personalized Memorial Honey Label

Sponsorship Levels & Memorials

Queen Bee Full Beehive Sponsorship

“Queen Bee” Full Memorial Beehive Sponsorship

  • 30 lbs. guaranteed honey harvest (this equates to approx. 75 x 125ml jars of honey OR approx. 36 x 250ml jars)
  • Personalized honey labels
$700 + GST

“Worker Bee” 1/3 Memorial Beehive Sponsorship

  • 10 lbs. guaranteed honey harvest (this equates to approx. 25 x 125ml jars of honey OR approx. 12 x 250ml jars)
  • Personalized honey labels
$250 + GST
Memorial Bee Plaque

Bronze Bee Plaque


  • Includes Name and dates, or a brief message, installed in our beehive memorial garden or brought home to your own garden.
$495 + GST

Memorial Trees

What is a Memorial Tree?

Trees are symbolic of the cyclical nature of life. As the seasons change, so do our relationships with those we love. There is no change more personal than the loss of a loved one; it marks the end of their earthly journey, and your new relationship with the memory of them. Planting a tree is a beautiful and lasting way to establish significance of a life lived, and to acknowledge the impact of someone on your life.

At Heritage Gardens, we have a range of options for memorial plantings. Our Willow Garden allows for flowering shrubs and bushes of the family’s choice to be planted with cremated remains. Following a committal service, the remains are either scattered on the surface of the garden, or the hole for a tree is prepared and the ashes mixed in with the soil. Families may participate in the planting or our staff will take care of everything while they observe.