Green burial is coming in the spring of 2019.

What is Green Burial?

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Green burial is the most environmentally sound way to return a loved one back to the Earth.  It is a spiritual process which doesn’t require the need for concrete vaults or caskets.  Green burial is mindful of the cyclical nature of life and the close connection in returning to nature.

Your loved one’s remains are prepared for green burial without embalming.  From this perspective families who choose green burial regard embalming as a highly invasive, unnatural and unnecessary practice.

green burial
Burial Plots for Sale

The un-embalmed remains  are wrapped in a biodegradable shroud.  A simple casket or container may used comprised of sustainable and fully biodegradable materials.  Your loved one is placed directly in the ground the way Mother Earth intended.

Burial Plots for Sale


Making end-of-life decisions now ensures your wishes are met and can save family and loved ones added strain.

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